where insomnia turns into YouTube cat video watching...

why yes, I did lose some time on YouTube watching cat videos.
this one's been viewed a gazillion times, so you've probably seen it already.
I don't go on YouTube very often; only when I'm a really crazy insomniac.
so, you can imagine how entertained I was by this kitten playing in a hamster ball.
I even had to take screen-shots to share. 'cause I'm that (cat)crazy.

the video itself is kind of lame, what with the music dubbing + poor quality, but whatever. it's a kitten in a hamster ball ... 

you're welcome,
*note: this is not my kitten and nor to I endorse this video or YouTube cat videos.
**one more thing: cats really will take over the world one day; we are unsuspecting fools to ever think otherwise.

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  1. I love YouTube, that and Pandora are all I use for my music loving needs! Plus, all of the awesome vloggers and tutorials and what not. <3 And yes, for cute kitty vids! I love this. So cute! What a precious little guy. ^_^

    And of COURSE kitties will take over the world. <3


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