an Afternoon, in Polaroids

polaroid - sympathy for the rebel
{above: Sympathy for the Rebel - a very cool vintage shop}

polaroid - bloodline parlour - Astrid
{above: Astrid in Rebecca's Chair @ Bloodline Parlour}
polaroid  - bloodline parlour - Astrid
{above: Astrid with a new cut & colour! can you see the turquoise/green ends?}
polaroid - bloodline parlour - Sweep
{above: the dog with the coolest 'do, Sweep! + knitting @ Bloodline Parlour}

I had fun with my Polaroid the day I spent with my goddaughter Astrid during her pre-birthday cut & colour at the spectacular Bloodline Parlour! Rebecca was her stylist (who is also mine & a few other bloggers 'round these parts) & Astrid had her hair coloured a rich coppery dark brown with fantastical turquoise/green highlights. I spent the time with Astrid's mom (my friend) Michele; I was given a wonderfully thoughtful birthday gift I got to open at the Parlour & hung out with a very cool dog named Sweep. I also partook in a yummy latte and croissant. All the while being a part of Astrid's 16th birthday celebrations! After the fun with hair, we went next door to the fab Sympathy for the Rebel to check out the vintage dresses. I had a great conversation with the owner, Ryan, about Polaroids & The Impossible Project. Then, on the way home, we stopped into Enticing Cakes to buy a bunch of cupcakes! Honestly, one of the best days ever, with 2 of my favourite people. It was a day worthy of taking Polaroids. I just wish I took a Polaroid of the cupcakes!

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  1. Adore adore adore adore! <3 thanks again Caren! L-O-V-E my hair.


  2. Eep! Astrid is so cute in those pictures and her hair is gorgeous! My original hair color was dark brown and on (myself) I wasn't a fan, however those end colors sound so amazingly BEAUTIFUL with brown hair... Thinking of going back! :o

    And yay for Sweet 16 celebrating!!! :D

  3. super cute. i love that these are REAL polaroids!

  4. yay for polaroids!!! sounds like an amazing day for sure!


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