Hello February : Birthday giveaway Winner!

I've been quiet the past while, haven't I? Hello February, where did you come from?! I was busy celebrating my birthday and starting the big move back into my apartment to notice we've entered a brand new month. Life has been pretty gosh darn busy over here in Tea & Chickadees land! Soon, I'll be settled back into my home and can get back into a happy, healthy little rhythm of stocking the virtual shelves of my vintage shop making art and planning my upcoming Paris trip (flight has been booked! eep!).

Well, I'm breaking my unintentional blogging silence with a lovely announcement : the winner of my "Favourite Things" Birthday giveaway! So without any further ado...

Saylor Made aka Jeannine is the sweet chickadee who won all the goodies seen below!

the winning entry : #4

the drawing of the winning number (I did it by hand in lieu of random.org)

Congratulations Jeannine! I'm so happy I chose a number that found its way to your comment; such a talented artist and a fellow Canadian! Woot! I shall send along your goodies next week; just need your mailing address!
with much joy,

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  1. EEEEEEEP! I actually said that out loud as I read this post. How wonderful!! Thank you so much, Caren.

    May I tell you a strange childhood story relating to the number 4? When I was in grade 3 I was Student of the Month along with another classmate. The school only had one copy of the certificate with the photo so I, and my cute ginger classmate, had to choose a number from 1-10. I chose 4 and won. I have chosen 4 in any situation available and it has always proven to be lucky. It has proven, yet again, to be a good number for me.


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