Monday Meow

This Monday Meow is brought to you by an extra special meow-maker, and his name is...

My sweet Buttercup is a  3 year old pure black Manx, with the softest of fur (someone referred to it as being soft as a bunny's - it's true!) and sweetest of overbites, the cutest stub of a tail and the longest of legs.

Buttercup in the sunshine
{look at his stubby little tail! it wags, too, which is entirely too cute}

It was purr at first sight the day before my birthday, back in January, when I first set eyes on Buttercup. There he was*, all sleek and handsome and looking a little lost. I asked what his name was, and the response was a sign from above: Buttercup! That's right, I didn't name him (you thought I did, didn't you?)! His first owners did, and while I don't know the story behind why they named him after a butter-coloured flower, I am ever so glad they did. I knew without a doubt this handsome fellow would be coming home with me. The bonus points go to the fact we nearly share a birthday, too!
*I adopted him via a local cat rescue organization called A.R.K. (Animal Rescue Krew).

Buttercup smiles
{how I love that face! can you see his overbite? normally his fangs stick out, too}
Buttercup's shadow
{his eyes go from a honey gold to a light green, depending on the light}

I brought home Buttercup this past Saturday and he immediately took to me, and I him. It took a while for him to move in with me as I am still in the process of moving in myself. The only worry is how my puppydog Grace is taking the fact she has a new brother; Grace doesn't much like sharing me with another fur baby. So, I take turns giving comfort to both (comfort = snuggle time on the couch). Right this moment, I have Buttercup curled next to me, resting his cute face on my lap. I have no words to describe just how easily I have fallen in love with this little Buttercup boy.
Now, let's just hope Grace stops worrying that she has been usurped and she'll stop growling everytime she sees her timid little brother.

Buttercup's first day
{above: first photo I took of Buttercup: a butt shot! meow!}

I hope you have a happy Monday; mine is filled with new cat love and lots of coffee. Not a bad way to spend a Monday, eh? (it's Family Day here in Ontario so I'm spending it home with my furry friends)
with joy,


  1. I love him already <3!! I just get that relaxed cuddle vibe from him! Eeep I can't wait to meet the lil Mr. thursday!!! xoxox

  2. EEP!!! He's incredibly gorgeous. What a sweet, sweet kitty!!!

  3. oh kitties! i've always wanted a black kitty and to name her friday...maybe one day.

    also...can we hangout soon? i'd really love that!! a black honey date is a MUST...please :)

    ps: i got that kitty toilet seat cover and rug in the mail today, BEST EVER

  4. He's gorgeous! Congratulations on your new furbaby! Black kitties are simply stunning, and he's obviously meant to be with you, with a name like that!

  5. I adore that last puffy-butt photo.


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