Monday Meow

kitty kisses are the best

Today's Monday Meow is all about kitty kisses!
I was hanging out with Jen & her daughter Claire & their Mr Giggles (the kitten) and captured the above snapshot of Claire giving kitty kisses to Gigs. What an adorable moment in time!
I decided to search Flickr for some other kitty kissing moments, and found some darling ones to share with you today (click on individual images to view their original sources):

Kissing kitten kisses Leif kiss Kisses Kiss me kisses

Isn't that a whole lotta kitty lovings!? I loved that I found a couple of guys giving kitty kisses, too!
However, the pièce de résistance is the image you see below ...

Kiss kiss
{Frank the Dachshund giving Bean the Cat kisses}

How much do I wish my Gracie pup would give Buttercup cat kisses ... instead, Grace just barks & chases & altogether is very jealous of my new cat friend. I won't give up yet, though! One day, I will find Grace and Buttercup curled up together on the couch. (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?)
with joy,


  1. Too cute!!
    Becky is the queen of puppy kisses and cuddles. She'll be in your lap sleeping and will just randomly look up and give you a tail wag and a quick kiss and go back to sleep.

  2. aw, so sweet! Gracie-pup is a sniper-kisser - it's a sneak attack of major smooching!


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