the one with The Dress

Polaroid - Astrid - The Dress 
{above: the Polaroid of Astrid & the Dress}

Astrid, Jen and I spent the day thrifting about town & sharing lots of giggles. It's pretty much the most perfect of days, made even more so by the Dress! The Dress is what you see Astrid wearing above & below; the loveliest of vintage frocks that I happened upon at our local Sally Ann (aka Salvation Army). 
There was much squealing and oohing & ahhing, as this dress was obviously meant for Astrid; it fits her as if it were made for her! It could be handmade, and if so, it was done by someone who really knew what they were doing. I'd place it in the 1950s, as it has a metal zipper and the fabric & style are indicitive of that era. 
I wish I had taken some close-up shots of the details in the dress - like the pleating on the shoulders & the faux wrap neckline. Oh. So. Pretty!!

Astrid & the Dress + Gracie the pup
{above: my pup Gracie adoring Astrid & the Dress!}

As a sidenote, it was ever so much fun to take photos of Astrid in my apartment! It feels so good to be (mostly) moved back in! Being surrounded by all of my favourite things, making coffee in my Chemex, and just puttering around making it mine again.

Astrid posted more pretty photos of the Dress, so do stop by and pay her a visit? Thanks!
See you again soon!
with joy,


  1. Such a gorgeous dress ... and Buttercup looks quite charming. :)

  2. Your apartment looks SO cute Caren...I've already shared with Astrid how amazing this dress looks on her but holy moly, does it ever eh?? I want to come with next time you go thrifting...maybe? Hehe. We still need to have our Black Honey date...we will set up a time when I come back from vacation okay?

  3. Gorgeous dress, and Astrid is gorgeous as well! I SWEAR I'm following her, but I haven't seen anything from her in my GReader so it's possible I'm not. Off to correct that!!! Also, I love the sneak peek of your apartment. And Buttercup! AW!!!

  4. We need to do this again soon! Awesome day with my favorite ladies!

  5. So I popped over this morning to chat about G.Love (right?!? I love that you know him / Special Sauce!!) and then saw your mention of the Chemex... LADY. We have some serious overlap in our lives! It's the only way to brew, and the only way I've made my joe for YEARS.



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