Sneak Peek : Scenes from my Apartment

owl lightowl in the window kittens on a wall vintage kitties all in a row

I've started the move back into my apartment!
It has been 3 months since I've lived in my own happy space, so this is pretty big stuff.
I've been busy unpacking boxes & boxes of my belongings after finally getting my furniture back into place (thanks to a few very good friends - you know who you are!). I decided I'd be ruthless with the things I collect; only keep things that I really really really REALLY want/need/love. I was scoffed at for saying I'd be brutal because I do tend to hold onto things (I'm far too sentimental), but I really have been a big meanie. I've already dragged at least 10 bags/boxes to the local charity shops. I have more boxes to go through, which means more to get rid of. I can't believe how good it feels to reduce reduce reduce! 
I love having less stuff around me. Though I am far from being deemed a minimalist, I am trying to surround myself with only that which makes my space more functional and beautiful.
It's entirely too much fun to put together little vignettes of happiness - I'm enjoying making a home for myself; hopefully it will brings smiles to those who come for tea, too. (can't wait to start having friends over again! I kinda miss my mini tea parties)

seen above : my vintage opalescent owl night light, a recently thrifted stained glass owl, my vintage kitty coasters hung on the wall, and a shelf full of vintage kitty goodness.
with anticipation,



    Also, your owls. Oh, your owls. <3 Mega jealous. They are so pretty! Love that first one... Is he a Scentsy warmer by chance?!

  2. aww your owls are so cute.

    love, little.

  3. I hope I can come and visit your sweet little apartment some day, dear Caren. It's so full of loveliness!

  4. I want to come over for one of those tea parties! Pretty please?!!!

  5. .. save a spot for me (and the babes) too - a not so LITTLE tea party then?! hehe... SOO glad you're finally getting back into your own nest - and making it all the sweetness you desire. Best of luck with the purge (I totally hear you on the battle for balance... I love clean.open.space.. but NEED to have creative things to look at too!). So far so sweet tho... owls & kitties.. oh my.
    needle and nest

  6. those coasters as art look stunning! and i love the wall colour you chose... so calming and beautiful.


  7. ummm so I might be coming over when I'm in town this weekend to steal that owl light ;)

  8. Hooray to moving back home! And yes, my favourite part of unpacking is setting up all the little vignettes, creating happy little spaces full of memories! Having moved three times in the past 6 or so years I've purged every time and it is so great, now it means I only have things that I really value, for whatever reason. And ps. those kitty coasters look fab on the wall!

  9. Oh cute stuff!! ANd how exciting to be back home again ... it's nice to be in your own space, surrounded by all your bits and pieces. Though I do also enjoy de-cluttering ... the bonus is that there is more space to fill with things you love! :)


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