Sunday Smile : the Doxie Collection

my doxie collection, thus far
{say wiener!} ... yup, I'm that cheesy.

My newest collection of critters stars the ever-delightful and darling dog: the Dachshund!
For those who don't know, my dear pup Grace is 1/3 Dachshund (I dare say, the cutest part!) and since having her in my life I have become endeared to that particular breed.
And so began my unintentional collection of little doxies. It started with the large pale yellow doxie planter you see above; something I used to store my pens & pencils on my desk. Then came a glass doxie with a collar & chain connected to two puppy doxies (not pictured). I always intended to list them in my vintage Etsy shop, but something stopped me. That same something didn't stop me from buying more little Dachshund tsotchkes.

royal mint doxie love!
{above: my sweet little sweater doxie, by the fabulous Royal Mint ; a gift from my mom!}

So, I had to do a little mini photoshoot of that little sweater doxie, and then turn it into the above animated GIF. The mini camera was a gift from my goddaughter, Astrid! So cute. I knew I wanted to do a paparazzi-style shot using it on my cute lil doxie. 

You can probably tell that I am thoroughly enjoying displaying my little collections? :)
with joy,


  1. Doxies are the cutest and come a close second behind my favourite, the beagle. :)

    Your little sweater doxie is so sweet and I love the animated GIF too!

  2. Aww, that is the cutest collection. I will keep my eye out at op-shops for more weiners to add to your collection. That sounded dirty... ;)

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  4. Super cute collection! It wouldn't surprise you to learn I have a teensy doxie collection too!

    ps. am quite jealous of that little guy from Royal Mint, he's the best!


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