Sunday Smile: my Kitchen Owls

kitchen owls - salt shaker

These are the three owls that sit in my kitchen:
there is the S for Salt shaker (I want to make a little cape for it so it can be a Super Salt Shaker!),
there's the little owl that holds my toothpicks ever so delightfully,
and my Kitchen Prayer owl that handily contains some measuring spoons!

I've blogged about my Kitchen Prayer owl before, as he was such a happy thrift find,
and the other two kitchen owls came to me as gifts from my dear friends (hello Michele, Martin & Astrid!).
They sit upon my blue kitchen shelf, directly below my turquoise window sill.
It's hard not to smile when you look up and see them looking all owl-eyed at you!

kitchen owls - toothpick holder kitchen owls - measuring spoons

Do you have something in your kitchen that makes you smile?
with joy,


  1. your comment about the little cape had me smiling out loud! so cute!

    my dear watson

  2. ...yes, clean dishes!! But that's so rare.. so I need other things to smile at - like a picture of Azriel when she was all lil' and pudgy and I was washing here in the sink! ;o) Love those owls.. I have the BIG version of your toothpick guy.. in my sewing/art studio. Glad you got your apt back in all its sweetness! xo

  3. Oh my gosh, these owls are so sweet and the little toothpick one brings back lovely childhood memories for me. I had one so similar that had thumbtacks in it. I wish I knew where it was now...

  4. I'm seriously stealing your owl collection one day ;)


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