Sunday Smile: sunshiney winter day

shiny happy faces 

I took Grace for a walk on a particularly sunny winter's day. It was the perfect weather; a mix of warm (sun) and cold (snow & ice) that is so refreshing.
I came across the above smiling faces on my walk & asked if I could take a photo of their happy hats. I forgot to ask their names, but they happily posed for my camera. Sweet little faces!
Next to them were a couple of boys ice skating on the trail! Note that there isn't actually an ice rink; just the walking trail with some ice on it. I love how kids will find a place to play anywhere! I saw a cast off pair of skates laying on the ground. Made me wish I had a pair to whisk off to the local canal & attempt skating again (something I've never been very good at).

the skates hello, sunny winter day chevrons + pine cones 

I saw the above little pine cones on the ground and when I looked through the lens, the chevron shapes that someone's boots left behind became visible. I love finding shapes and textures in nature.
Gracie had a sniffing fiesta over a small gathering of twigs and brush. She is so cute when she gets sniffing; stretching her neck out and tucking her ears back.

Grace sniffer

It was a much needed nature walk; seeing the glistening powder on the ground, the children playing outside, the sunshine doing its thing. The world was awake and active. It's a good time to breathe and soak it all in.
with sunshine and smiles,


  1. I'm so jealous of your beautiful winter wonderland! And Grace, as always, is gorgeous! And you too! xo

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