the best accessory...

These are fabulous fashion photographs! Raising awareness for adopting a rescue pet, it's a mix of high fashion meets the Dog. yay! I love how we don't see the model's face - it's all about the pup!

I found these images over at Papermag.com - click to see even more dogs meet design.
How many of you would love to see one of the dogs in that last tutu skirt? Raise your hands! woof!

My local pet rescue organizations:

Now where's the cats? I admit that our feline friends can be a bit more, shall we say unpredictable? than their canine counterparts, but I'd love to see the same style of photoshoot with a little more meow! ;)
with pet rescue joy,

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  1. I love this photoshoot so much!
    And there's a definite "woof' yes from me for some tutu action! :)


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