Etsy Eye Candy: the Girls of Irena Sophia

I don't know why I haven't an Irena Sophia print on one (or more) of my walls yet - I adore her aesthetic! The above four pieces are my favourites; I always visit Superhero Girl, Cat Girl, and Girl & White Owl - they speak volumes to me. It always takes me a while before I actually commit to buy art; I think I need to be more spontaneous.

The above Woodland set is so endearing, and at the same time somewhat creepy. I like that about them. I love the fantasy of a girl in fox clothing. There's a story to be told there. That's why I love Irena's work so much - there's stories somewhere in those lines.

Visit Irena's Etsy shop, her blog & tweet with her, too! She even Pins.
There's a high possibility that you are already aware of Irena's art, but if not, I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into her creative world!
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