Etsy Eye Candy: vintage patterns from the Gallivanting Girls

I was perusing Etsy in the wee hours of the morning, like I do, and came across a bunch of beautiful patterned pieces from Gallivanting Girls. If I had the cash, I probably would buy all of the items you see above!
I really should buy one of those kitty pillows ... I mean, it'd be supporting an Etsian and helping a kitty pillow find a home, right? And the Artist's Chair would give just the right back support whilst I doodle at my table, plus the fabric choice suits my studio perfectly! Then there's the afghan, that deliciously orange and pink blanket! I've been adding little bits of pink to my decor, so how yummy would it be to curl up in that afghan? Let's not even get into how logical it would be to get the geometric-adorned knitting caddy; not that I knit, but I always have things I need to tuck into a caddy of some sort!
We'll see if the above reasoning will last long enough for me to hit 'Add to Cart'.

Thanks for joining me in my Etsy eye-candy treats! I figure it'd be the right thing to do, to share these fab finds with all of you instead of being selfish and keeping them all to myself. ;)
with joy,


  1. Those kitty pillows belong in my home, next my real kitty :)

    A lovely find indeed!

  2. I just looove those colours in the kitty pillow!

  3. Oh my ... like Hila I adore the kitty pillows ... they are gorgeous!!! :)

  4. I have an idea...instead, let's go thrifting and try to find similar items. I am basically dying to go thrifting with you...can we make a girly date please? We can visit Black Honey afterwards :)

    Also...that chair is divine. I've been searching for a cutie like that to replace my big, honkin' black leather desk chair for my office.

  5. Don't you just LOVE Tammis Keefe! Her patterns are so cute! I so wish I could afford those pillows!


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