Monday Meow

Today's Monday Meow is brought to you by artistic renderings of kitty breeds! 
Always a sweet sight to behold!
If I could, I would have lots of different kitty breeds.
Right now I have a grey tabby (American shorthair, I suppose?) and a black Manx.
If I came across a Scottish Fold, I wouldn't say no to bringing him home with me!
(those funny little folded ears get to me every time)
I've always had grey tabbies - somehow they find their way to me most of all.
Oh, but my Buttercup Manx is so wonderfully different!

Do you have a favourite type of cat, or is the fact its a cat enough for you? :)
with meowy joy,


  1. Oh ... such much feline loveliness to be found here! :)
    I like most cats ... provided they are friendly, and provided they let me swallow them up in cuddles! :)

  2. I love the drawing of the scottish fold! It's mouth is so cute! :D
    -charlotte <3


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