my happy shelf

my happy shelf

This is my happy shelf, it's the shelf I look at when I sit on my couch. The TV is directly below this happy shelf, which means it's viewed quite often! 
The shelf itself was a thrift find of my dear friend Martin (of Flashlights & Arrows) - it came in a set of two, and they are the best shelves I've ever had! One dollar very well spent. Thanks Martin!
I knew I wanted a shelf full of a few of my favourite things on my living room's blue wall, so I slowly compiled a selection together and came up with what you see above.
On the far left is my porcelain wall pillow from the fabulous Stepanka (who also made my favourite mug). I had to have the 'pillow' as soon as I saw it; it has my favourite number (22) on it! Next to the pillow is a vintage perpetual calendar - one of my earliest Etsy purchases, from the delightful Every Eskimo.
Some art, some owls, some geekery, some vintage. Happy stuff!

happy shelf - poppopportrait

Above is my newest Etsy purchase! I've always wanted a Pop Pop Portrait print, and this one beckoned me the moment she listed the original (which I really really wanted). If you're a fan of Breakfast at Tiffany's then you know the scene above (one of my favourites!).
The owl in a teacup print is from another of my faves, Tabitha Emma. I've always loved Tabitha's art, and this print is so happy-making! I hope to get more owl & tea combination prints - they go together so perfectly, no?

happy shelf - the owl & the pussycat

The owl & the pussycat duo was supposed to go into my vintage shop, but I fell in love with them so there they sit upon the shelf. Behind them is another sweet piece of art, one made by Lucky Jackson. She made this particular one for me, because when I saw it being made I sort of squealed & asked if I could have it. Whenever I see it, I smile.

So, there's my happy shelf! I hope it brought a little happy to you, too.
Oh, and yes, that is Batgirl (thank you Jen!) and Electra Woman (thank you Kev!) standing on the shelf, too. A girl's gotta let herself geek out from time to time!
with joy,


  1. This is such a wonderful collection of things. I can see how each piece helps to make you feel happy!

    I love the little owl and the pussycat duo!

  2. You are very lucky to have that 'lucky jackson' piece of art! It would fit at my lucky shelf too:-)!

  3. What a happy shelf! I love that batgirl is casually resting against a frame.

    I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. :-)

  4. I just ordered some pop pop portraits too and got some really pretty frames at ikea to put them in! I'll definitely post them when I receive them. Did you get that print when she had her sale?

  5. A happy shelf? I have several of those, I just didn’t know what to call it. Such a good idea.

  6. So many pretties -- oh my word, WHEN can I pop over to see the new place??

  7. So many pretties -- oh my word, WHEN can I pop over to see the new place??


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