Polaroid Moments

These are a few of the polaroids I took during the Cream Puff Party last weekend!
I used my trusty Spectra and a pack of expired film that the lovely Elycia (of ♥Elycia) thoughtfully gave me as a birthday gift earlier this year. I had been saving the film for a special occasion, and that particular afternoon was it! The film worked like a dream - every single shot worked out! So, dear Elycia, thank you so much for that gift - it just kept on giving!
polaroid - the three amigos
Lucky - Astrid - and myself! aka the three amigos aka charlie's angels! ;)
polaroid - tea & cream puffs
polaroid - snuggles
polaroid - roller girl
polaroid - tea service
polaroid - shady lady

I seriously love the above Polaroid I took - it was the last shot in the film. Astrid's sunglasses were just so ... BIG! fabulous! Later, I took a failed Polaroid & attempted to doodle Astrid on it - I woefully forgot to use a Sharpie, so it all smudged - so then I just kinda went crazy. Below is the result of my test. I think I shall continue doodling (uh, with more control!) on ruined Polaroids - it is all kinds of crazy fun!

doodled polaroid

I find I prefer Polaroids over all other form of photography. I love the instant capture of a memory. I love that it's something you can't edit. I don't do anything fancy with my Polaroid photography - I keep it simple. I see a moment and I snap it. No fuss, no muss. I am always thankful to The Impossible Project for making it possible for me to use my Polaroids. I can't imagine ever not doing so!
with joy,


  1. I grew up with my trusty little Kodak Polaroid. Our thrift store has one, but it's a little bit much for us (it's not expensive... But, little money = little buying.) Anyway!!! I love them, always have and will. These pictures came out SO pretty-full! ;)

  2. Amazing photos!! Cute gals. Looks like a super fun day!


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