Saturdays are for: Cream Puffs and Colour!

happy day - colourful girls
Jen Astrid Me

Yesterday, I spent a colourful and gastronomically yummy afternoon with a few of my favourite ladies. It was a smorgasborg of eating and giggles!
Eating things like homemade cream puffs by the amazing Michele, our hostess with the mostest!
Not to mention the prettiest shortbread cookies by Astrid; she created pretty patterns in the cookies using doilies! She also made them in the shape of hearts & bunnies. So sweet!
Giggling over silly photoshoots - made even more fun with Polaroids & Instax - and making funny faces.
We celebrated the harbingers of Spring - the sun & rain melting the snow and the popping up of little buds in the ground & on the trees!

happy day - cream puffs
happy day - cream puff
happy day - lunch
happy day - cream puff
happy day - teatime in orange
happy day - mug full of tea

Tea was the drink of the day.
Tea is best when served in pretty cups & mugs.
Tea tastes better with the company of friends.

with Spring-minded joy,


  1. Those cream puffs look amazing! Seems like a fun day was had. I love having silly days with girlfriends. :) x

  2. I need more days with my besties! so much fun!

  3. so in true St.Patty's fashion.. I am turning green here - looks like a smorgasbord of sweetness lady loves!

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  5. I couldn't agree more with those hose last three sentiments about tea!

    Can I come to your next afternoon tea? It looks like so much fun and you all wear such pretty dresses! :)

  6. Love this post, so sunny, colourful and idyllic! Beautiful photos, and it's making me hungry! xx

  7. Tea is heaven, couldn't agree more - it tastes best with friends, cake and in pretty vintage crockery!

    Jem xXx

  8. looks like you had such a fun day!

  9. Ooh, looks tasty! I looked up a recipe for cream puffs, just after seeing them on Astrid's blog. They look so sweet, on the lovely Kathy Winkle dishes! :)
    -charlotte <3


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