Sunday Smile: more Happy Days

happy day - instax

A few more peeks at a Friday afternoon full of sweet moments.
Above are a bunch of Astrid's Instax snaps - so much awesome in one pile!
Below are a few of Astrid's delightful little vintage critters. Obviously, I had to take a photo of them - they speak my language (the language of cute)!

happy day - little critters
happy day - Ellie dance
Jen's eldest, Ellie, busted a move in Astrid's room - it was the place to be!
happy day - the Instant wall
Astrid's wall of Instant Photography - I might copycat her & do something similar :)
happy day - Ellie & Max
Ellie and Max the dog enjoying the sunshine.
happy day - sleepy Clare
the end of the day, Jen's youngest Clare-bear cuddling up with Astrid.

Indeed, there were so many smiling moments on that one Friday that it deserves more than one blog post! I will forewarn you that there will be one more post about this happy day - one full of Polaroids!
Hope your weekend is finding you smiling, too.
with joy,


  1. How fun! Y'all make up such an adorable family (and by family, I don't necessarily mean by blood! I see family as, well, people you CHOOSE.) Also: can I have Ellie's gorgeous dress in a woman's size, please?! Holy wow, it's gorgeous. :D And so is she!

  2. Such a lovely post! Especially as I've just bought a 1978 Polaroid Instant 10 camera, I can't wait for it to arrive - you've inspired me to get snapping! :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Oh my gosh, the world is small! I know Ellie, she goes to my school! I love astrid's wall of instax :)
    -charlotte <3


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