Sunday Smile: pre-Spring

It was a Spring-like day today, which meant it was necessary to go out & breathe in the fresh air and frolic! I brought Grace along so she could run wild a little bit, which she thoroughly enjoys. I thoroughly enjoy it, too!
I wore my spring trench coat, an ivory affair, which I accessorized with my favourite scarf. I actually have to wear a scarf with this particular coat because my makeup rubs off on the near-white fabric. I don't even wear that much makeup, but whenever my face touches it, it looks like Tammy Fay Baker attacked the jacket! Which makes for a very good lesson, ladies - don't buy white (or near-white) coats. It's just a mistake, plain and simple.
Wow, that was a huge detour, wasn't it?
Well, it turned out I was way over-dressed anyways, and by the time I got home I was sweating & wondering if I was having a hot flash. Nope, thank goodness, I was just not prepared for the ridiculously awesome weather! No need for a coat, for a scarf, nor for tights! Heck, even my lime green loafers were begging to be taken off!
note: I love my lime green loafers. They are happy-feet-making.
So, after bumping into my lovely neighbour Des (of sofawned.com) & her daughter Gretchen & their cat Kitten plus the neighbourhood kids, I dashed inside and stripped.
Off came the scarf, the jacket, the green shoes and blissfully, the tights. Ahhhh!! MUCH better. I forgot what it was like to have bare-legged and bare-armed weather. It is the most delightful thing!

the neighbourhood kids!
a pre-Spring puppy run
Kitten looking pretty.
trench coat day
green shoes
comfy T-strap sandals

I scored those two pairs of shoes whilst thrifting. I couldn't believe my luck. Both were in never-been-worn condition. Both were worth well over $100 and I got them for about $10. My feet are very very happy!
So, as you can see, there were all kinds of smiling going on today! It's impossible to feel down when the sun is high, the birds are chirping, the puppydog is running, and the neighbours are being neighbourly.
with joy,


  1. Awe, Kitten is looking especially fluffy in those pics. Such a soft gal.

  2. We are having totally gorgeous weather here in the UK too, I'm loving it, I am already planning my summer once College finishes
    Oh and P.S. i would love lime green loafers if I had them too :-)

  3. I adore those pre-Spring days, they're almost better than actually Spring because normally by that stage of Winter I'm just SO desperate for any hint of warmth in the air, sunshine, blossoms (like right now, in fact)!

    Looks like a lovely time, and your loafers look like happy making shoes indeed!


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