Sunday Smile: Puppydog Faces

Grace face x1
Grace face x2
Grace face x3

I thought Gracie could use a little extra love on these pages, so today's Smile is brought to you by her face. Ain't it a sweet lil face?
Grace has been stressed since I brought Buttercup home, and I try to give her lots of attention while also acclimatizing Buttercup to his new home. But, Gracie is a one-woman dog and she does not like to share me. She already has sharing issues with my other cat Strongpaw, so imagine how unhappy she was that a new man is in my life ... even if that man is of a four-legged feline sort.

a couple of wieners.

The above shot shows you the look I'm getting a lot these days; that of a sad puppydog face. And I even brought her home a dog buddy, too! Sure, that dog is in the form of a really cool vintage Dachshund salt & pepper shaker, but still ... the thought was there!

with joy,


  1. She's so precious!!! What a face. ♥

    When we bought Mau home, Wedge was EXTREMELY jealous and mopey. Now they're best of friends! I hope the same is true for your babies!

  2. Aw! Poor Grace! I'm sure she'll get use to sharing you soon. Such a cutie.

  3. O your dog looks so cute, I almost can feel what he feels true his eyes. A hug for that little boy

  4. Aww, Gracie is so photogenic. She looks like she loves the attention from the camera

  5. That's my favorite face to watch on internet! Even a bit jealous you are with her ;)


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