these shoes...

happy day -my shoes
jeans in technicolour
polka dots & shoes

I've been wearing these shoes a lot lately. I admit that I've ignored the fact that they squish my big toe just a little bit because I love them so. They're one of the pairs of fun shoes I thrifted a while back; brand new, never before worn. LOVE those finds! So, I've been wearing them lots & lots in hopes the leather will stretch around my big toe, so they no longer squish.
They go with everything, which is a rare find. A dark navy colour with pretty inserts of tan & burgundy-brown. T-straps make me swoon. Bonus points for them having the slightest of wedge heel and being made to walk (and skip & even run a little!) in comfort.

b&w polka dots

I get excited when I find a comfortable shoe. A comfortable shoe that's kinda cute is just plain crazy-talk. And I like crazy-talk!
I'll never be the girl in pretty little heels, and that's just fine.
with joy,


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  2. Lovely shoes to find in a thrift. Wish I could wear such shoes myself!

  3. As I said the other day when I spotted you... I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!


    I'm the same when it comes to shoes. Give me a cute flat any day over a pretty heel! And thrifting new shoes in your size… that is the best feeling ever!

  5. I love your shoes ... and like you, I'm never going to be a girl that wears heels. I am and shall always be a lover of adorable flats (and of course comfort). :)

  6. *envy* I love love love these shoes! I so rarely find great shoes at the thrift stores that will fit my boat-sized feet. I found some sandals this weekend.... but that's besides the point. These shoes are just too lovely!

  7. T straps make me swoon too... something about wearing them feels so familiar. Hope they stretch just right wear you need them to.


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