TVA Etsy Shop Update!

I thought I'd do a regular posting schedule of updates from my Etsy vintage shop, The Vintage Apartment. I used to do this way back in the beginnings of this blog, but felt like I was using this space for business instead of for sharing little bits of joy/prettiness/sweetness. So, I stopped pimping myself the shop.

Then I realized, hey, my shop is a part of my life and maybe you'd like to see what's going on over there - so here I am again! This time, I'll do a weekly smashup of what new goodies or sales are going on at the shop. 

Here's a few of my favourite new listings (am I allowed to have favourites? heh!):

{Listings: deer : blue skirt : girl : chipmunk : soft skirt : owl}

And since I missed my Monday Meow yesterday, here's Buttercup modeling alongside a fabulous find!
Buttercup & a deer head

There's more new goodies in the shop, too, and even more being added almost daily. I'm wanting to reach 200 listings by the end of the month ... we'll see how far I get! I have an entire storeroom full of vintage that I need to photograph, edit and list. Craziness!

And now for something completely different, to further make up for the missing Monday Meow this week:
{Buttercup animated gif}

with vintage joy,


  1. genius.. I think it is at least.. to pimp your shop! That deer head is awesome!! I still want to sew a plush version for our hall ;o)
    (waves 'hi' back at Buttercup).
    needle and nest

  2. Droooooling over that deer head!


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