Colourful Leica!

Yup, this is how I spend my time - digitally daydreaming about colourful cameras!
Leica is a pretty sexy beast of a camera, but the fact you can customize its colours makes it drop dead gorgeous! So, I spent some time colouring my dream-Leica.
I chose to do three distinctly different colour schemes, and I want them all!
(a girl can dream, right?)

Now, go play in the Leica playground and choose your own colour schemes! I bet you get equally addicted.

with camera-envy,


  1. I am not even that into camera"s and I want one!!! I could have a turquoise and red camera! seriously wouldn't I look so cute in Paris with that baby:)

  2. Oh how I dream about owning my very own Leica! They are definitely the sexiest of all the cameras and I didn't know you could colour code them! AMAZING!

  3. haha cute website. I am in love with Leica too :)

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