Monday Meow : Audrey Hepburn

I scoured the web for photos of Audrey with cats.
It's what I do.
Today's Monday Meow brings you a few of my favourites.
Mostly from Breakfast at Tiffany's (hello Cat!), but a couple from other sources as well.
I even came across quite a few Audrey as Catwoman artistic renderings - you'll note I am not sharing those here with you... you're welcome. ;)

hello, Cat!

from Sabrina

The photo (above) of Audrey behind a rainy window is by Richard Avedon (from Harper's Bazaar). I don't know if that photo is from a film she was making at the time, or simply an artistic photoshoot. Either way, it is quite an emotional trigger-shot, don't you think? She emits such a resigned sadness, and the way she hold the cat tightly to her - it's very impactful.

And then I had some fun with Audrey from Breakfast at Tiffany's! I love the scenes in the movie where Holly & Paul don the dog & cat masks. sigh.

ah, Audrey. You will never go out of style.
Neither will cats.
with cat mask joy,


  1. What could be more perfect than Audrey with cats?!

    I adore Avedon's work and that photo of her is gorgeous.

  2. Hi luv!
    Saw this.. thought of you:
    .. go figure! ;o)

    muah muah meow!
    Mel ;o) needle and nest


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