Monday Meow: Olympia

Today's Monday Meow is brought to you by Olympia!
Isn't she divine?
Olympia is a Himalayan/Persian combo kitty who found her way at our local cat rescue organization ARK. If you can believe it, her previous owner wanted her to be put down! So she got snuck out of a kill shelter & brought to ARK for a second chance. It was ridiculously hard to not bring this girl home (just ask Jen, she was all ready to catnap her outta there!).
Olympia is that ugly cute that is hard to resist. Y'know what I mean?
I have a feeling she already found a new home, but if not, head over to ARK and ask about her. Jen and I saw her at our local Pet Value (the one on Chemong Rd).
ARK is located in Lakefield, Ontario. Pet Valu is in Peterborough, Ontario.

Please do not play on cat trees
I set this shot up because ... well, how could I not?

Happy Monday Meow!
with furry joy,
p.s. I got my own Buttercup cat from ARK. They work so hard to help cats in need.


  1. I am still working on Ben. Olympia needs to be with Mr. Giggles. Mr. G. is pretty excited about having another cat to play fetch with.

  2. ohh, the cat looks angry but cute :D
    lovely blog :)


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