Monday Meow: pEi Pods

How incredibly awesome are these pEi Pods?! Above shows you the pEi Kitty. swoon!
These egg shaped critter beds are the height of modern sensibility, don't you think?
I'd nap in one human-sized, believe you me!
I'm pretty sure my cats would both like to lounge in egg-like style.
But, let's not forget about our other 4-legged friends!
There's also pEi Doggy and pEi Petite:

Did you just about faint with the sweetness of the bunny Pod?
I pretty much want a bunny now, just so it will curl up in a pEi Petite!

If I could afford it, I'd buy a couple to give as Easter gifts to my fur babies ... really. I totally would!
Just don't tell the pEi folks that all of the different Pods are the same size ... in fact, all 3 Pod pet types are the exact same. I kind of thought that was redundant; shouldn't each pet Pod be different somehow? Different colour choices, or perhaps a few inches bigger or smaller? This doesn't detract from their fabulouslessness, however. I'd still take a Pod for every kind of fur baby! (perhaps even a human baby? or is just that too weird...) 
with adorable joy,


  1. as i was scrolling down and feeling dizzy with cuteness i was thinking "wouldn't it be adorable if there were bunnies for an easter theme?" and then BAM! rabbit cuteness in my eyes! caren, you mind reader, you.

  2. I was all set to comment about how adorable these are and how awesome it was they were available for doggies too but then… I SAW THE BUNNIES! Cute overload! :)

  3. These are so cute. If I had the money and the room I'd get my dog one!


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