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New Romantic {captured me instantly}

I only just learned of this soulful/folk singer, and had to share quick like a bunny, with all of you. I'm sure some of you already know of her - and I have to ask myself, where have I been?
Her name is Laura Marling. I don't know much about her, but it seems there's only 3 albums from her thus far - the most recent being A Creature I Don't Know.

A Creature I Don't Know

I have only listened to a few of her songs, but each one of them are haunting and slightly sad and oh so very sinkable (as in, sink into the words).

Thank you, The Wandering Balloon for your Music Monday post featuring Laura.

All My Rage is Gone {creepy little animated toys alert!}

Hope you enjoyed this little musical interlude!
with joy,

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  1. I love Laura Marling too! Amazing isn't she? Thanks for sharing these videos.


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