My Style: Pattern and Colour

new bag

I don't do a "style" post very often, mostly because I don't often wear very stylish attire. More often, you'll see my shoes spotlighted, but not an actual outfit. I like shoes!
Today, I'm showing you an entire outfit!
I know, terribly shocking stuff, right?
I bought myself a new bag a couple of weeks ago; that peachy-pink confection you see above & below. I fell in love with it at Value Village, but the price tag was pretty steep for second hand so I passed it by - not once, not twice, but three times! before I decided it was obviously meant for me. That and the 30% off coupon I had in my hot little hand.
The colour - that combination of peach & pink (is that called salmon?) - is my happy colour right now. So is raspberry. I've never been into shades of pink before, but I'm throwing it into my wardrobe and my home decor (hello brand new dark pink sheets!) like a wild woman!
Along with adding more colour into my life, I'm also adding more pattern. I'm a big fan of geometric or tribal/Native patterns, so when I saw the sweater I'm wearing in these photos, it was another must-have item. I didn't even mind that it had fringe ... I really don't like fringe, so that's saying a lot.

new bag + puppy snuggle
Gracie wanting to be a part of the modeling! :)

Impossible Project Image packs + cat
double your pleasure - 2 double packs of The Impossible Project's Image (Spectra) film!
bonus points for the kittycat in the background (not my cat; my neighbour's cat)

colour + pattern
colour + pattern + shoes! happy me.

Impossible Project = happiness

The same day I wore this outfit, I also picked up a package from the post office. A package from The Impossible Project! Yay! I ordered a couple of packs of their Image Twin Packs to take to Paris with me. I love getting film from Impossible; I can't afford to do it very often so when I do, I do the happy dance. The packaging for the Image Twin Pack made me giddy, too. Such pretty shapes & colour! Went with my outfit, too.

So, here's what I'm wearing:
sweater = Esprit
tshirt = Joe Fresh
skinny jeans = Lois Jeans
shoes = Josef Seibel, thrifted
bag = Christopher Kon, thrifted

with stylish joy,


  1. I love your outfit! You should post more! Although I do know what you mean about not being stylish enough on most days for outfit style posts. I work from home so I'm ususally pottering about in daggy pants and jersey dresses… but ssssh! Don't tell anyone!

    Your new bag is gorgeous. Both the size and colour is fabulous. Well worth waiting for the 30% off. :)

  2. Throwing pink into your wardrobe & home "like a wild woman"... loved that. And glad I am not the only one that will pass by something at the thrift but then jump on it when there is a promo. Thumbs up!


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