Sunday Smile: Cats & Dog

{cat = next door neighbour's cat : dog = Gracie}

A cat VS dog fight occurred directly following the above sequence of photos. I was too busy freaking out to take any cool photos of said fight. Directly following that fight, another one broke out between Grace and Buttercup. There were no clear winners of these fights, but the hissing, fangs & claws of the cats were a tad scarier than Grace's snarling & snapping.

sunny Grace
{hello Sunshine!}
Feather in mid-yawn
{look at those teeth! I love a yawning kitty!}
sunny me
{hello! do you see Gracie's little bum in the background? ha!}
Buttercup ventures outside
{here's Mr Buttercup, shyly attempting the outdoors}

Buttercup wants to go outside, but when he is, he is so very unsure of it all. Especially when Gracie chases him back inside. I prefer indoor cats, but just like I can't stand being cooped up inside all of the time, I like to let my kitties outside now & then. I'm hoping Buttercup will be too scared to leave the backyard ... I like a backyard kitty. It's safe there. So, when I'm out the back, I let Buttercup sniff the fresh air with me. It makes me smile to see him taste the air.

Sunny days were made for sitting on the deck and watching the kids play ... even if said kids are furry.
with joy,

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  1. wow... the fur must have been flying in your yard! yipes!
    Thanks for stopping by the nest again, are you gals packing yet.. when's the big trip?!! So excited for the Karen 'squared' duo! ;o)


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