Sunday Smile: a dog's life

Grace wishing she was taller.
So, today was all about Gracie. And let's be honest, there aren't many days that aren't all about Gracie. She's very adamant that she be the centre of the universe. I tend to agree. She's that cute.

Grace and I took a walk to the East City Bakery to check out their yard/bake sale that is raising funds for the Peterborough Dog Park Association. I'm a big believer in a proper dog park - a place dogs (and their humans!) can run free and socialize. Peterborough doesn't have any such thing, which is quite ridiculous as there are dogs everywhere you look in this town - and no where to go leash-free.
Grace: post-treat lick
stripes & toes
It was a bright and sunny day today, perfect for putting on sandals and take a leisurely walk. Grace thought so too, minus the sandals. There were some deliciously windy moments, where I just wanted to stand in one place and let it swirl all around me. Below is a photo of the wind blowing Grace's ears & my skirt. Fabulous!
windy moment!
I spent all my time with a lovely lady who creates knitting patterns and such. Her table was dedicated to dogs, though, and I really enjoyed chatting with her. I bought Grace one of her sweet neck sweaters (handkerchief thingy) made out of virgin wool. Grace looked pretty snazzy in it! She even modeled along with another pooch whose human got him one, too. Cutes!
All of the photos I took were of Grace. She was entirely too happy, being the One Who Is Looked At. She danced, jumped around on her hind legs, etc etc. Really. She's shameless!
Grace wants a treat!
Grace dancing for a treat!
Grace goes home
Gracie knows the way home, so I often let her off-leash (shh! don't tell anyone!) and tell her to "go home". She leads the way, as jauntily as can be. I think the little scarflet is pretty handsome on her, no?

Oh, and did I mention the bunny? The cute little lop-eared bunny? Well, that was the show-stopper for me. I wanted to hold it sooooo bad, but instead I just petted it through the fence & cooed at it. It seemed to enjoy the company.
bunny face - hello!

how cute is that nose? smooches!
with joy,


  1. I completely understand how our pooches are the centre of our universe. Especially when they look as adorable as Gracie does in the neckerchief!

  2. What adorable animals <3



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