Sunday Smile: a Grey Day

a rainy Sunday

Gracie and I went for an early evening stroll today, a very grey day.
The rain was a mere mist, creating just a hint of condensation on my hair, 
on the tree branches, on the blades of grass.
Unlike some, I revel in a day like today.
Grey days make everything better.
The bits of colour shooting out of winter's remnants seem even more full of life.
The birds flit through the trees, trilling their happiness.
It's quieter on the grey days; less people to trample on the silence.
I realized that I may just be living in the wrong part of this country;
the West beckons my inner rainy day girl - where the rain outlasts the sun.

birds in a tree


I smiled a lot out in the misty rain today.
I saw a dozen different types of birds today.
I listened to the raindrops drip-drip-dripping today.
I watched my dog run freely in the rain today.
I heard my own thoughts in the quiet today.

with abundant joy,


  1. Pretty lady, I totally agree. I adore overcast/rainy days and nights. I just... love them. I feel energized by them and peaceful. Sounds like you had a fabulous and relaxing day! <3

  2. I enjoy days like this too! :) Love your photos, especially the one of the birds in the tree.

  3. mmmm.... yep, agreed - and it makes me want a London Fog everytime too!
    I always think I'd love to live in a grey climate too (but then wonder if once I was stuck in it.. if I'd then long for the blue crisp clear skies again?). Guess it makes them that much more enjoyable here - the fact that they are more rare!
    P.S totally random: have you ever watched Grey Gardens (both the documentary and the movie?) MUST must.. totally wild!

  4. You write so beautifully dear Caren. I love grey days too, nothing makes me feel more alive than watching and listening to the rain come down. And guess how much rain we had in Perth last month? ZERO! Although I was in Victoria for most of march, it still stinks! I've been using your lovely tea pot every day, and if gives me a smile every time. I'm sure I'll feel the urge to blog again soon, and when I do I'll give it its due spotlight. But for now, I'm just sleeping and sewing, and enjoying being quiet on the internets. :)


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