Sunday Smile: sunshine and smiles

Grace and I spent time in the backyard today, basking in the sunshine. Such a beautiful Easter Sunday!
I celebrated Easter yesterday with my mom, my cousin, and my brother's family. It was full of food and laughter. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend a holiday weekend! Except maybe the addition of cupcakes ... 

Anyways, back to today's Sunday Smile - here you are, it's brought to you by me and Grace (er, Grace and I):

Grace sunbathing
hello Grace!
me & Grace - smiles
messy hair
my messy bun - I can't believe I have hair long enough to do a messy bun with. :)

Anyone else giggled at the faces Grace made in the above photos? Sigh. I love that face. It never fails to make me smile.


  1. AW!!! Grace is so cute. ^_^ And so are you, I love that messy bun!!! I gotta admit, I know JUST how you feel. I love love love my short hair, but once it's longer, I love styling. :D

  2. Teehee! Grace most certainly did make me giggle with her adorable faces!

    I love how sunny (both with sunshine and smiles) these photos are. :)

  3. BUNS! Well now it's my hair's turn to be jealous!


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