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read - Just Being Audrey
read - Uppercase 13
read - The French Cat
read - Little Black Book of Paris

Just Being Audrey by Margaret Cardillo & Julia Denos
Uppercase Magazine #13
The French Cat by Rachael Hale
Little Black Book of Paris, 2012 Edition

I bought a few books recently, all very indulgent, and am so very happy with each and every one of them! The Little Black Book of Paris ended up being a smart buy, as I leave for Paris in less than 2 weeks! eep! It breaks down each Arrondissements in sections, with lots of info on what to see/do in each. Mostly, though, I just want to know how to pronounce Arrondissements! I butcher the French language, I'm afraid. I hope the Parisians will forgive me my lack of pretty words.

The French Cat was a must-have. As soon as I saw the cover Pinned on Pinterest, I swooned and knew it had to be mine. Then I read this post on designsponge about the author & both The French Cat and The French Dog, I ordered it clickity-click right away! It is the most glorious photo book I own, interspersed with anecdotes and quotes. It is a must for any cat lover, but specifically one who loves to travel within photographs.

I have wanted a copy of Just Being Audrey since I saw it in my goddaughter Astrid's hands. It is such a delightfully illustrated children's book of Audrey's life - it's short and it's sweet. I only wish there was a depiction of Audrey and her deer, because how sweet would that have been? This book will delight any fan of Audrey, child or grown up alike!

Uppercase 13 + buttercup caren!

As for Uppercase Magazine, I have been a subscriber for a couple of years now and have had the joy of seeing myself in the pages in issue #11. Then, quite by surprise, I found myself in issue #13! I glanced at page 8 (the Letters page) and saw a familiar photograph. I took a closer look and yup, it was a photo I took of Uppercase #10 - they did a wee bit on Polaroids so I took a shot of it with my own SX70. Lo and behold, that image was printed in issue #13 along with my Flickr name "buttercup caren". Colour me blushed!

I also just finished reading a book by Gail Carriger entitled Soulless; the first in a series about a parasol wielding woman named Alexia who lives in a steampunked London and finds love in the form of a Scottish werewolf. It is seriously silly, and not your typical vampire/werewolf fantasy genre. No magic, more science and mystery but with wonderfully wacky characters and lots and lots of tea. Suffice it to say, I am hooked and will be continuing in this 5-book series to see what other shenanigans Alexia will get into.
Oh, and I also follow Gail on Twitter because she is witty and fashionable.

I have far too many books on me To Read shelf, but am dedicated to finally getting through them all! I even joined GoodReads so I could keep track of my books and find other like-minded readers. I need to update my profile there, but you'll find a small smattering of things I like to read.
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  1. I really, really, really, really want a copy of that Audrey books. It looks so completely adorable!

    2 weeks till Paris?! HOW EXCITING!!!


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