a happy dog = a happy me

a happy Grace

Here's my Gracie girl, as happy as can be. She ran & ran & ran through the dandelion fluff!
She's happy that I'm home, and that I took her for a long walk.
I'm happy because my pup is happy!
I'm also happy because my old Canon 5SiS digital camera, which had died a while ago, suddenly came back to life! I was so sad the day this camera stopped working - I'm hoping it will keep on snapping for me a while longer! It's got the best super Macro.

a happy me
a happy Grace runs free
looking up to the trees
Grace & Bruno
Grace & Bruno 2

Grace met a big puppy named Bruno on this particular walk. Bruno is large. He is half English Mastiff and half Great Dane. Like, woah! Grace liked Bruno, which was awesome! I hope she still likes Bruno when he's full grown ... he'll be a horse of a dog! Whilst Grace is a kitty of a dog. ;)

Up next: more Paris photos! I've finally finished editing all the digital snaps, so am slowly uploading them into my Flickr account. It's been fun remembering moments via the photos. I also picked up my colour roll of Holga film - just waiting for the B&W film to be ready & I'll share some lomo shots with you, too. I still need to scan in all the photos & Polaroids. oy!

It's a long weekend this weekend! Our May 2/4 aka Victoria Day weekend. I'm spending this weekend hitting up yard sales - starting early tomorrow! Then on Sunday, am meeting up with a few lovely ladies for some fun in the sun with the kids (well, my furry kid Gracie to their human ones!).

Hope your weekend is full of sunshine & sweetness!
with joy,


  1. Adorable! I love seeing Gracie - so happy and free! I especially like the action shot of her bounding over the grass :)


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