my Paris dress

I bought this vintage '70s dress in Paris; in Montmartre to be exact. At a shop called the Hippy Market. There's more than one Hippy Market in Paris; the one I bought this dress from was at 51, rue Clingancourt. I also visited the Hippy in the Marais. The prices are much higher (twice+ as much!) than those at the regular "Vintage" shops, but I fell in love with the impressionist-like print of this dress - had to have it! I happily wore it about downtown today, full of memories of walking the pretty streets of Paris.

The bracelet seen in the photos above & below depicts butterflies - I bought another bracelet in Paris with butterflies; obviously I am a butterfly kinda girl. This one, though, is by Batucada and is an eco-friendly product. I would have carried these in my shoppe (I used to own an "eco-chic" boutique). My friend Karen bought a necklace from the same company, one with funky colourful circle shapes! I want to get a necklace by this company, too.

The fashion bug has bitten me since being in Paris - I want to surround myself with pretty dresses and chic jackets! I already bought 2 dresses & 2 jackets since coming home (all of which were thrifted, 'cause a girl's gotta be frugal sometimes*!
*emphasis on sometimes

I hope you all won't get tired of all of my Paris-related posts ... I'll try to separate them out with cute pictures of dogs & cats & such so it won't get insufferable! ;)

with joy,


  1. I saw Karen wearing her necklace the other day and it was super neat. Love your dress too!

  2. Oh Caren, how on earth did I miss you leaving for, and returning from Paris!? I think that means I haven't been spending enough time on the internet!! I'm thrilled you had a fabulous time, and you and the dress look absolutely gorgeous! xox

  3. *wolf whistle* Paris suits you, lady! You look all happy and glowy and that dress? GORGEOUS!!!

  4. I don't think I could ever get sick of your Paris posts. Keep them coming! :D

    Such a pretty dress and the print and colour looks fabulous on you. Also YAY! for being bitten by the dress bug! One can never have dresses. ;)


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