new necklace : new 'do!

Nea neckace

I got this sweet little minimalist necklace at Tango today! My friend & neighbour, Desiree of sofawned.com recently took over a pretty swanky downtown shop dedicated to sweet fashions, and I was pretty stoked when she brought in a few of my favourite jewelry designers. I popped in after getting my hair tweaked, wanting a necklace to match my new look.
I have always wanted a Nea piece, and so targeted her necklaces. I had a hard time choosing! I was drawn to the nature-inspired pieces Nea does, but ended going for a pretty modern look with the necklace you see here. I'm thrilled with it. It's lightweight, simple, and makes a statement.

new 'do
Nea necklace
new 'd - really short!

Check out how short my hair is! I told Rebecca at Bloodline that it was time to get rid of the hair. I tried growing it out, but it just ended up making me feel frumpy & stuck. Rebecca worked her magic and gave me a pretty sleek, modern 'do. I love it! It's so freeing! I feel like I've lost 10lbs. And I can feel the summer breeze on the back of my neck. Glorious!

new 'do - short!

I've already made another appointment with Rebecca in a month's time to add a punch of colour to the new look. Perhaps pink mixed with black? Who knows! Time to have some fun, don't you think?

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with new joy,


  1. ummmm... YES yes yes! Doo it! I'm eager to do turquoise next! lol
    You're a cutie Caren. xo

  2. You look GREAT Caren! Love that necklace too...I loved that one when I saw it.

  3. Yay for short hair! You look fabulous and I love your new necklace too.

  4. I always try to grow my hair out but I feel the same as you. But, I have learned to love short hair! Especially when I see other people with it. It looks so cute on you!
    I love the grayish purplish look that I have seen photos floating around the internet of.


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