Paris: l'object qui parle

l'object qui parle

This is the quirkiest little antique shop I've ever stepped foot in, and oh, did I love it!
I heard about this spot via another blogger's post about her time in Montmartre, Paris.
I knew I wanted to go! So happy Karen and I found it amongst the hilly parts of the area.
It is tiny, and jam-packed with oddities! It's almost overwhelming, and worth a repeat visit or three.
Only a couple of people can actually be in the shop at once, so we waited until it cleared out.

peeking around l'object

One of the stuffed corners of the shop, where Karen and I were checking out the antique butterfly collections. There was seriously no unused space in this little shop! Even the ceiling was dripping in goods to buy. High up on the walls were heads of critters mounted on plaques, where they can overlook the passerbys. I like to think that at night, they all come alive and speak in their native tongue about the various folk who walk through everyday. Yes, I have watched Amelie a few too many times!

l'object bones

Karen bought one of the skulls you see above. They were the coolest! I love the fact that Karen and I both brought home something with antlers. I bought an old deer antler at a flea market. I hope this doesn't make us sound morbid? ;)

the dude at l'object...

The proprietor (a dapper looking young fellow with an edge of awesome) would wait outside of the shop until a sale was made. I took a quick snap of him, and really wish I had asked if I could take a proper photo of him. He was oozing cool. At least you can see his hat in the photo I took!

Vintage shop in Paris

We also popped into the vintage clothing shop next door to the antique store. There are quite a few vintage clothing shops in Paris, much to Karen and I's glee! We found that the majority of these vintage shops stock things that are gently used modern clothes mixed with real vintage. And most of the vintage is from the '70s - '80s eras. However, if you dig enough, you'll find some '50s & '60s goodies. 

I got my goddaughter Astrid a flirty little dress circa the '80s, which fit her like a glove! Karen spotted it, and am I ever glad I brought it back 'cause it was made for Astrid! Check her out here, wearing the polka dotted little frock. I also scored a 1950s dress for Astrid, which is c'est magnifique!

As for what I bought at l'object qui parle, well, it was a small token. A 1930s rusted blue metal number sign from a building. The number 22, which is my birthday/lucky number.
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  1. Oh my goodness, I could lose hours in that store! It's full of fabulousness!

  2. Look like a really nice vintage store!!


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