Sunday Smile: a Moment in Paris

my favourite Parisian pastime

Here I am, back in Paris (well, mentally), lounging on a chair watching the world go by.
I walked through Le Jardin des Tuileries awhile, weaving in and out of the trees and paths.
It was quite wonderful and quietly perfect, this hour I had.
I stopped at the carousel & watched kids jump on & off, and listen to their moms tell them, "one more time..." two or three times.

a Paris carousel

The best moment was when I came across a doggy playdate! Right there, at the Louvre's gardens!
They were like catnip to me, these Parisian pups. I ended up spending a good while petting them & attempting to chat with their owners.
I sat with the people below, listening to them & their dogs interact. It was kind of awesome. I'm sure they thought I was a crazy tourist, being so smiley & taking photos of their dogs. 

Parisian dog playdate
self snap at Le Jardin des Tuileries
{requisite self portrait moment, near the carousel!}
giant colourful flowers at Le Jardin des Tuileries
{giant polka dot flower sculptures, which sadly were fenced off. I wanted to play on them!}
always with the Holga
{I had my trusty Holga with me at all times; took some b&w shots this particular day}

There was a moment when an older Parisian gentlemen struck up a conversation with me. I was so thrilled that he spoke to me in French, as if I were too! I think I blushed, and quickly did the necessary, "parlez vous Anglais?" and he smoothly went into English and asked me where I was from. I wish I could've thought of some brilliant questions to ask him at the time, but I admit to not being quick on my feet when it comes to conversation. Looking back, I wish I asked him if he's ever been in love. The kind of love that is all-encompassing & painful. Or if he had grandchildren. Or how he learned English. Anything other than my lousy attempt at bringing some French into my conversation. Good lord, my tongue does not like that language! I also wish I took a photo of him. He was just so perfectly ... Parisian.

I smile everytime I think of these moments in Paris, and all the in-between instances. That was my hour spent at Le Jardin des Tuileries. Delightful.

p.s. the cafes there are quite lovely, too. Perfect spot to sit, chat, sketch, photograph & sip on a coffee. Karen and I ducked under an umbrella table earlier on our trip, to get out of the rain & refresh ourselves. I loved the gardens so much that I wanted to go back, and the moments above is that return visit.

with joy,


  1. Looks lovely and that carousel is beautiful! :-)

  2. What a gorgeous Parisian hour!
    I love those random meetings you have when travelling. Both of the puppy and wonderful French man variety! :)

    Oh, and I am always one of those crazy and hopeless dog peoplel when I travel too. Sometimes I have to stop myself from gushing too much over people's pooches… especially if I see a beagle!

  3. What a heavenly hour! May I daydream myself into that chair in the 'jardin'? I think that my imagination is just good enough...

    lotsa love
    michele a la North Bay


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