White Slim Angel


{in a field of Forget Me Nots}

{plus 5 rolls of film! I immediately put one into camera}

{Buttercup checking out the new camera}

I won this sweet little Angel from Tracey over at sh1ft.org
This camera was a part of Tracey's big birthday giveaway:
she gave away four lomography cameras + film!
A girl after my own heart.
I was so tickled that I had won an Angel;
it's a lomo camera I've never played with before.
It arrived in the mail today - all the way from Australia.
As soon as I opened the package up,
I popped in 1 of the 5 rolls of film included.
I'll have to go on little day trips over the next while,
to use up the 36 shots on this little cutie.
Oh, film photography, you are so much fun!

Thank you Tracey, and happy birthday!
with joy,

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