Creativity found in Nature

creativity found in nature

I was gardening earlier today, trying to get rid of some noxious weeds, when I noticed purple streaks on my forearms. The streaks looked like watercolor paint, in fact. I was intrigued - who was painting me? A fairy living in my garden? What? It could happen... 
Well, okay, so it wasn't a fairy. It was the plant I was rescuing from the evil dreaded weed! It must have wanted to thank me in some way, so thought I'd appreciate turning a lovely shade of purple. I was immediately inspired to do something with this particular flower's power, so took a fallen bunch of the plant's buds inside to test things out.
My random markings with the buds that still had some "ink" in them turned into what you see above. I just used the buds themselves to make different marks on the page and they turned into a floral-like depiction. I was smitten with the powers of these little purple buds!

purple fingerprint
{above: the dye from the flower on my fingertip}
paint by flowers
{above: 3 of the buds I used to paint with}
flower power painting
{above: close-up of the ink blots}

I felt like I was 5 years old again; looking at the world through new eyes. One really does only have to step outside to find something to be inspired by.
I haven't felt that creative in quite a while. I want to find out what else in my garden makes such a great pigmented dye to paint with!
I was tempted to dye my hair with this stuff ... I might still try. Hey, can't get much more natural than using a flower, right?!
with creative joy,
p.s. I think the flower is a type of Speedwell, but not entirely sure which type. It's very unique, as it doesn't bloom in the heat of the sun, but when it does, it's a startling display of vibrant purples! I have two varieties - one that has dark green foliage, the other lime green.
{lime green leaf variety, which I used to paint with}


  1. Ha! Grape work Caren... that's just plum delightful! ;o) snicker...snort.
    Mel ;o)

  2. Love this!! Very beautiful.

  3. Wow, that's amazing! If you do dye your hair with this, I'd be really keen to see how it turns out. So glad I found your lovely blog today... will be following for sure!



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