It's no secret that I have a thing for FAB trays. It's the prettiest addiction collection I have, equal to my Vera Neumann scarves! Well, colour me fabulous when a complete stranger emailed me a little while ago to let me know about her two FAB trays that were destined to be *gasp!* tossed out. This lovely stranger, Bonnie is her name, decided to search online for FAB enthusiasts and there I popped up! She contacted me asking if I'd like her beloved trays, and I didn't hesitate with a big giant yes!
And wouldn't you know, in the mail today a big package arrived with my name on it.
I gleefully opened it up and shook out two beautifully colourful trays - I giggled, I flitted, I pounced on my bed & knew they were destined to hang in my bedroom! The colours match the random greens, yellows, oranges, & pinks found 'round my room! FABulous!

{above: thrifted outdoor cart repurposed into a FAB cart!}
*note: not all my FAB trays are here; there are at least 6 others elsewhere in my apartment.

Thank you Bonnie, for gifting me with your precious FAB trays! You picked the right home to donate them to; they will be cherished and displayed as they were intended - and used! Yes, I actually do bring out one to tote around drinks or cupcakes or the like. :)
*note: um, how awesome would it be to have a party with cupcakes adorning all these FAB trays? must get on that!

with FABulous joy!


  1. WOW! Those trays are indeed fabulous! They're so bright and the florals are magnificant. I love your repursed trolley too!

    Definitely need to get on the cupcake party. :)

  2. Too fun, now I know I recognized them from my mom's house too! Sorry to miss your yard sale..booo.
    CONGRATS on winning elycia's blurb giveaway too!
    Cupcake party.. um... I'm totally self-inviting!! ;o)

  3. oh, and p.s.. I keep meaning to tell you that I saw hilarious lil' DOXIE corn cob handles at Superstore.. and thought of you: corn dogs! In fact, I often see random stuff that is so "Caren" and have to restrain myself from cluttering up your life! lol

  4. Fab trays indeed! What an impressive collection, love them! Great trolley too.


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