hello June! you'll find me in the garden...

Grace & the new garden feature

I've been in my gardens more than anywhere else this spring; adding new bits to the already growing greenery. This year I wanted to add a water feature of some sort. My big dream would be a little pond with a waterfall, but my backyard isn't that big so instead I bought a gorgeous cobalt blue handmade water fountain - just plug in and go! Then I decided to add some potted annuals to give the water fountain some extra oomph. Throw in a couple of turtles, a happy buddha owl & a cute dog, and voila! Instant garden feature!

the new water feature garden pots
pink pussytoes
{pink pussytoes! one of my favourite rock garden plants}
garden owl
buttercup & butterfly in her hair
{I donned a butterfly barrette & a buttercup in my hair}
Grace drinking from the water garden

As you can see from above, Gracie has already found a use for the new water fountain - it's her new outdoor doggy water bowl! I'm hoping the local birds will find it interesting enough to visit, too. I chose the 'Fuschia' annual plants for my pots to attract the hummingbirds I see around - so far, though, only big fat bumblebees have been visiting them!

Hope you enjoyed this visit to my gardens! Feel free to pop by & hang out with me in my backyard any old time - it loves visitors! :)
with green-filled joy,

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