Rainy Day Latte

So, I get kinda happy when it rains.
I throw open the windows to listen to the downpour.
I run outside and let myself get a little drenched.
I sit outside on the front porch and soak it all in.
This just happened: 
I made myself a delicious latte in my favourite mug
and did the front porch thing in a state of complete harmony.
I even made silly faces for the camera while I was at it.
I wore my I Heart Paris tee.
The photo above is a happy accident;
the lens of my camera got fogged up due to the rain.
I like happy accidents.
I like the rain.
I like Paris, too.

Even though I haven't slept in over two days (hello insomnia!), I got energized as soon as it started storming. That's the way with me. The sun is alright and all, but stormy weather will always be my energy-giver & happy-maker. Does that make me weird? Well, weird is the new cool, right?
with rainy day joy,
p.s. anyone else have Garbage's lyrics going through their head right now? "I'm only happy when it rains..." ha!

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