Sunday Smile: shake it like a Polaroid

shake it... like a Polaroid

I spent the day with a few of my favourite peeps yesterday - Jen (aka Lucky Jackson), her daughter Claire (aka Clairebear) and their cat Mr Giggles. My pup Gracie came along for the playdate, and after some arched backs & very puffed out tails, Mr Gigs and Grace got along surprisingly well! Jen and I are hoping Gigs and Grace will become the best of friends. :)
Claire loves it when I take Polaroids - I have a feeling she herself will become an analog girl one day! She shook the Polaroids I took of Giggles & blew on them, hoping they'd develop faster. So cute!
polaroid - Mr Giggles
polaroid - Claire + Hula Hoop
polaroid - Claire + chalk = heart

{me, Lucky, Claire and Gracie}

Here we are, the necessary slightly awkward timer shot! I specially love how Grace got her little wagging butt in there! I have an awkward hand-n-the-hip pose. Classic! Mr Giggles watched us from the window, wishing he could get into the photo!

cat in the clouds
{above: Mr Giggles with his head in the clouds}

Such a smile-filled day we had yesterday!
If you follow Jen's art blog, 365 Lucky Days, then you know she suffered a very nasty whiplash after going for a "friendly" roller derby skate (i.e. was supposed to be just skating, no hitting). Well, Jen was the unlucky recipient of an over-zealous derby girl who thought it was a good idea to take Jen down.  Of course, one can't help but think of Drew Barrymore's movie Whiplash! Right? If you haven't seen it, do so! Great little flick about finding yourself through your passion, all the while rockin' the roller derby life.
It was good to spend time with Jen and help make her smile whilst in so much pain. Mind you, laughter caused her neck to hurt so we had to dial it down sometimes. ha! :)

{above: Lucky Jackson's Blondie which Claire coloured & pasted; a gift to me!}

with joy,


  1. awesome day! Thanks so much sweets!

  2. hallo :)

    ich habe vor knapp 2 Wochen meinen neuen Blog erstellt,
    Teenage Feet heißt er.

    ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du ihn u mich mal besuchen würdest,
    da ich für gute oder schlechte Kritik immer offen bin :)

    dir weiterhin viel Spaß beim Bloggen !
    liebe Grüße ♥ Karina


  3. So pretty! Really lovely photos!

    ox from NYC!


  4. i love all the lovely details in lucky's home! it looks really chic but comfortable. and those saturated colours in the polaroids are gorgeous.


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