the vintage dress & an elopement party

How's that for a title?!
And it really does sum up the post quite perfectly.
I wore my favourite vintage dress - a dress I've never had the opportunity to wear out before because I never do things that require dressing in a dressy dress. This is the dress I brought with me to Paris, which I had deemed my "Paris Dress" but which I never actually wore in Paris. sigh.
So, colour me happy when my dear friend Leigh hosted her elopement party on Saturday! I finally got to wear my Paris Dress out! (and celebrate Leigh & Shawn's elopement ... let's not forget that, it's more important than my dress ;)


Fascinators or hats were mandatory to the party, which was no problem!
I went out to the dollar store, bought some stuff, got out my glue gun and made two fascinators - one for my mom & one for myself to wear to the Cake & Champagne party. :)
*note: fascinator-making was fun for a while, but then I got snarly with the glue gun & the feathers ... I am not a happy-crafter, I'm a swearing-crafter.  

the vintage dress

the Dress! 1950s wiggle dress in black eyelet. my dream dress.
worn with a Gentle Fawn belt that I got at my friend's store, Tango
to finish it off, I wore my Clark's wedge sandals.
unseen: a pretty anklet! :)

the bride & I
{above: me and the very very happy bride, Leigh! Isn't she stunning?!}
the happy couple
{above: the happy couple themselves, Leigh and Shawn, who eloped in March}
{above: *clink*! celebrating with bubbly!}
tiers of meringues
{above: Leigh made these meringues - yellow, blue & orange - to go with the decor!}
strawberry punch
{above: the Strawberry punch - it was as good as it looked!}
the bride, me & my mom
{above: my mom, myself and the bride - we were so honoured to be there!}
dressing up a throw-away camera
{above: Smile! the bride also created these snappy covers for the throw-away cameras! crafty!}
the bride & the cake
{above: the bride cutting the cake; in a darling apron she designed!}

I was so happy to spend the afternoon with Leigh and Shawn and their family & friends; to help celebrate their elopement & their bright futures! Leigh did a stunning job decorating her home for the gathering - she did everything; the baking, the decorations, the crafty cameras, the DIY guest book (glue stick, paper flowers, glitter pens & paper!}, etc. The wedding cake itself was baked special by Black Honey; a layer of lemon chiffon & a layer of carrot cake. Goodness!

I hope you enjoyed this little travel down Cake & Champagne memory lane with me!
and congratulations to my friends!
with joy,


  1. OHHH! What a bevy of beauties - I can't believe she made all that goodness!..wait, its Leigh, of course she did! You guys all look stunning, great job getting crafty you 'sailor' seamstress. ;o)

  2. Your dress is beautiful and it looks like it was made for you!

    I love how she cut the cake in her dress covered with an apron! :)

  3. Pretty fantastic looking wedding! And you look smashing in that fitted dress!


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