Focus on: Ana Albero

I just recently came across Ana Albero's illustration work. I was instantly wowed and in awe.
So, obviously, had to share the bounty! I'll forgo the words, and let you feast upon the art:

Illustrations for Pure Prestige Magazine, UK
polka dots, tartan, stripes, oh my!

Illustration for German NIDO magazine
of course, I love the kitty face at the top

Illustration for Smith Journal
I am in love with the checks!! square is cool! ;)

above: the BIOGRAFIKTION Heads poster.
below: Ana's Heads for the poster:
hello KISS head! :)

Ana's piece for German edition of Le Monde Diplomatique.
Can I just say for the record that this is freaking AWESOME? The triangles!

You can find out more about Ana by visiting her website: http://www.ana-albero.com/
She is also a part of a nifty trio of talented Berlin-based illustrators, who banded together to form Biografiktion: http://www.biografiktion.com/
Check out their fab ABBA comic! I think I may have to get this one.
Okay, I will be kind and stop inundating you with fabulously funky artwork ... for now.
I hope you enjoyed viewing a bit of Ana Albero's work here!
with joy - and inspiration,

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