Julie Newmar, 1958

The above photo blew me away. Not just because of the phenomenal Julie Newmar (meow!) but also the couch she sits upon, the wall unit behind her (with the built-in radio!), and every single extra bit of retroness involved! swoon.

Of course, there's more Julie to be seen because who could stop at just one photo? Not I, I say!
There's Julie in a towel:

Julie in an impossibly tight knit blue dress:

and Julie making books look sexier than they should:

*above photos by Ralph Morse, 1958 for Life Magazine. These were taken when Julie was in a broadway play entitled "Marriage-go-Round".

Ah, Julie, you were more than just Catwoman. That being said, you were a pretty awesome Catwoman!

Isn't that last image a hoot? I found that randomly whilst searching for Julie as Catwoman images. The happy flower wallpaper really makes it prrfect. ;)
with joy,

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  1. Fantastic images! The radio and couch are wonderful and her waist… so tiny! :)


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