LIFE's a Picnic...

I saw a Pin (which took me here) just recently of a vintage Life photo depicting a family picnicking in the wilds of America. I was intrigued so did some research to find out more about them. I didn't end up finding out more, like when they were taken (50s or 60s) or why, but I did find more from the series!

click on images to view their larger versions:

The photographer of this series of Picnicking in America was Leonard Mccombe. I found all of the above photos via Google LIFE Images - it takes a bit of hunting to get through them all, as they only show 4 thumbnails and they erratically change upon refreshing. Odd system, but I finally got through them all.

And might I suggest you take a stab at searching the Life Images via the link above? It is kind of addictive! I typed in one thing, which then took me to something else which made me want to search that, and so on and so on. :)

with joy,


  1. Ooooh, these images are incredible! It's my dream picnic, multiple times, with multiple different outfits. I'm so tempted to peruse the LIFE images now...but I'm afraid I might get sucked in! Thanks for posting these. :)

  2. I love the LIFE photo archives and you're right. It is sooooo addictive!

    How fantastic is her dress?!


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