Lucky the Fox

I pinned the above photo as soon as I saw it floating around the interwebs.
How could I not? I couldn't think of anything quite so darling, or impossible!
I found the source of the image and read about the miracle that is Lucky, how he was rescued as a wee little kit and nursed to wellness. How the people helping him knew he was wild, and never intended him to be tamed - or most definitely, not adopted by their own pets! Nor did they ever anticipate that this little fox would adopt them - that Lucky saw them as his. It was a fast and furious bonding - intense and shining.
Of course, my heart swelled when I read about Lucky. So, I pinned the sweet photo.
Then two people commented that Lucky had died. The second comment had a link to the original website, so I clicked and read the post (which was only published last month!).
And I cried. Cried at the loss of such a darling little soul, and the impact he had on his humans; that such sadness had been left behind. I find I keep tearing up every time I think about it, because it's such a statement about Life. How sweet and love-filled and surprising it can be, only to have a bright light be snuffed out in a blink of an eye. 
I always get affected deeply when animals are hurt or die - and not just my own pack of critters. I'm sure it's weird that it affects me quite so much, but ever since I was a wee little girl, I had more of a bond with nature than with my fellow humans. (not that I don't love my peeps! I do I do I do!)
So, I felt compelled to write a quick, straight from the heart post to share all of this with you. Hopefully not just to make you cry, too, but just ... to share.
with joy,

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  1. :( Poor little foxy. I've always fantasised about having a pet fox, they're so gorgeous and smart, even though one did once kill all my pet chickens...

    I totally relate to caring for animals so much. I definitely tear up more often when reading about animals in pain than humans. I'm glad I'm not the only one.



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