My Furry Friends...

polaroid - content Strongpaw
a Polaroid of my sweet (okay, not-so-sweet) Strongpaw lounging on my couch.

Today's post is all about my furry little critters that I share space with. I captured my dear old Strongpaw by Polaroid the other day, and then decided to take a few digital snaps too, so I could share the wealth of my critter cuteness with y'all. Really, this is just an excuse to share snaps of my little furballs. enjoy :)

a lounging Strongpaw
Strongpaw further lounging on my couch, this time with a blanket on top.
Grace & Henry face-off

Grace came boofing (a combination of barking & woofing) into my office, because I said "Buttercup" out loud - the word Buttercup (which is my cat Henry's previous name) elicits a very serious barking response from Gracie. Weird, but true. Henry was none-too-pleased by Grace's eruption, and shortly after I took this, he hissed at Grace. Grace smartly ran away the other way.
This is my entertainment. It's better than TV.
Also, note the messy vintage-piled corner of my office. This is the cleanest mess in my office. I particularly love the pillowcase-less pillow on the sofa. That sofa, my beloved mid century teak one, is a WiP (work-in-progress) - I am hoping to have a new awesome comfy foam base for it soon, which I will either cover myself or get professionally done (probably professionally done, because I am not so very crafty).

crazy-eyed Strongpaw
this is Strongpaw, the mighty. She has crazy eyes, which I love. She has the prettiest crazy kitty face.
Grace in the palm of my hand
this is Grace, in the palm of my hand. She loves to just lay her chin on my hand. I think she's telling me she owns me when she does so. Which, by the way, she does. :)

I hope you enjoyed this trip down puppy and kitty lane with me!
I do adore my critters, hence them getting far too much mug time on my blog and Flickr stream.
with furry joy,

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  1. Such adorable pics. I could never get sick of looking at pics of our furry friends.


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